The Introvert's Guide to Success in a Corporate Job

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The Introvert's Guide to Success in a Corporate Job

Matt Derron
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Earn More. Be Happier.

The corporate environment sucks for introverts. Office politics, fake relationships, your manager telling you to "be more outgoing" - it wears you down on a daily basis. Wouldn't you love to earn more at your job and actually be happier at work? You can.

Most career guides for introverts teach you how to settle into a lower paying career that "fits your personality" or are written by extroverts who don't really understand what you're going through. This guide is not like that.

This guide will help you:

  • As a corporate introvert
    • Define what success means to you and what your goals are
    • Identify ways to fit in at work by building your knowledge and establishing yourself
    • Know how to use that knowledge to stand out from your peers
    • Use tactics and tools to recharge and stay sane at work
  • As an introverted leader
    • Understand how introverts can become great people leaders (yes, they can)
    • Deliver business results while leading a team of people
    • Develop your people and be a great manager
    • Continue to grow in your career as a leader

The guide focuses on how to use your natural personality as an advantage and allow you to stay authentic at work, so you can earn more and be happier.

Who am I?

I'm a former Director in a Fortune 100 company who managed other people and was responsible for multiple million dollar programs. I'm also an introvert that has struggled with social anxiety my whole life.

When I started I had no money, no job, and very little hope that I could be successful. I was able to turn it around and have a successful career that allowed me to ultimately leave my job and be financially free.

You can do the same, and this guide will help you get there.


Isn't $59 a lot for a 125 page e-book?

I think the value that you get from this guide is worth many times the price. If you apply the tactics in this guide, your performance at work will likely improve. If it helps you get at least 1% more in pay over your career, it would've paid for itself many times over. My guess is that it will help you a lot more than that.

I'm so confident that you'll get value from the e-book that if you're unhappy with the product for any reason you can receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!

What is the EPUB format for?

You can upload the EPUB version to your Apple Books account and view it on iOS devices. The product also comes with a standard PDF file version of the guide.

If you're interested in more free content, find me at buildinvestlive.com

I want this!

Copies of the guide in PDF and EPUB formats

125 pages
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